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White Oak Fancy Plywood
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Detailed introduction

The white oak comes from the logs of some European countries. Oak is also a kind of decorative wood we like. Oak is a common name. In fact, red oak is not the real red color, but the wood yellow is pinkish, and the white oak is not white. , But light yellow, which causes the color difference between red oak and white oak.

White oak fancy plywood is made of white oak logs by peeling or slicing and then hot pressing with adhesive. The white rubber veneer has a smooth surface, excellent quality, straight lines and stable mechanical properties.
White oak veneer panels are widely used, covering many industries such as: home background wall decoration, shopping mall decoration, office building interior decoration, furniture, doors, floors, decoration, etc...

Product Specification

Face/Back: double-sided/single-sided with white rubber
Process: one time or two times molding
Glue: E0, E1
Specifications: 1220*2440*3mm--25mm (4 feet * 8 feet)
                        915*1830*3-20mm (3 feet * 6 feet)
Tolerance: Thickness tolerance: +/-0.5mm (as your requirement)
Grade: BB/BB, BB/CC, CC/CC
Water content: 8%-14%
Uses: furniture, packaging, decoration, construction
Packing: standard export packing

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White Oak Fancy PlywoodWhite Oak Fancy Plywood

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